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Online Studies for Ministry

About the CCCC and St. Francis Seminary

We believe that preparation for ministry encompasses the whole person on spiritual, intellectual, emotional and practical levels.  As a candidate comes to learn new skills and information, a wonderful transformation that happens on every level.  We are committed to the highest standard of training for each of our students.

Experiencing a call to ministry can come in many ways and at any stage of life.  Some know from a very early age that they would like to serve God in a faith community setting, leading worship, offering the sacraments and helping people understand the incredible grace and love that God has for each of us.

Some may get a flash later in life and feel it may be too late. Some may have always wanted to be a priest or deacon but were the wrong gender.  Some experienced a wall because of their sexual orientation.  We believe that God loves everyone. God affirms you in your spiritual journey regardless of your gender or orientation or walk of life or skin colour. If you are feeling that you can make a positive difference in the world, serving Christ and being a force for God's grace and light in the world, you may find a home here.

The Community Catholic Church of Canada finds its roots in the Old Catholic Church, which much like the Anglicans, broke away from Rome.  Like the Anglicans, we have valid orders and apostolic succession and are part of a network of independent catholic churches around the world.  We are grounded in the seven sacraments and the beauty of liturgical expression of the church, but we are inclusive and progressive in our theological view.  We follow Christ and his teachings, especially his Two Great Commandments. 

St. Francis Seminary is the educational arm of the CCC.  Here, we prepare and equip Deacons and Priests for ministry in our church and for the greater world.  We train clergy who have come to us from other denominations.  We also prepare candidates who have received degrees but have not yet been ordained.

Most of our sessions are held online but there are occasions that call for onsite gatherings, training and meetings in the Niagara area.