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Officiating at a Funeral - Basic course 
Pre-requisite - Pastoral Chaplain certificate

Leading a celebration of someone's life is  a profoundly important ministry.  

Funeral officiants:
- Offer comfort and support to a grieving family
- Present a service that captures the essense of the deceased
- Assist in the healing process through their words and presence

In this 3-hour presentation we will explore:
- Your own understandings of death and how it is informed by your belief system

- How to work with grieving families
- How to work with funeral homes
- What to ask to prepare for the funeral service
- Some basic funeral service outlines

Saturday April 1- 9 a.m. to noon  $80.00   

We'll gather online on Zoom.

Cost for the training is $80.  You'll receive the notes in an e-manual form and the Zoom link a few days ahead of the course.

Payment can be made via etransfer or paypal.

Call Bishop Deb at 905-468-9502 or email money transfers and questions to

Pay online with Paypal $80
a small processing fee applies