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The Order of
Pastoral Chaplains

St. Francis Seminary offers two Course of Study for those who wish to prepare for holy orders.  These diploma programs are designed to train candidates for service as deacons and priests in the Community Catholic Church.  

Pastoral Chaplains are authorized by the CCCC to officiate at weddings in the Province of Ontario.  As an inclusive and welcoming church, we uphold the rights of all couples who are legally able to marry.  

Chaplains are trained to assist couples, creating ceremonies, explaining all legalities, officiating at the wedding, and completing the provincial paperwork.  

Chaplains may also participate in further training, including a Funeral Officant training course.

Some chaplains may wish to continue into the Lay Pastoral Minister program, which is a five-month session ending with a non-sacramental ordination to the Order of Lay Pastoral Chaplain.

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