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I have an M.Div or Religious Degree.  Can I join?

There are many reasons why someone with a Masters in Divinity or other religious degree may have waited to seek holy orders.  We understand that after graduation, the journey to the Diaconate or Priesthood may be full of twist and turns.  Circumstances can set us on a sidetrip sometimes.

If you have been feeling the pull to ordination, we are happy to have a conversation with you.

Things you need to know:
We are Catholic in our worship and catholic (universal) in our outlook.  We hold the seven sacraments of the Church and our worship services are very similar those of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches.  We have a two-step process of Ordination, first to the Diaconate and later to the Priesthood.  Our orders are valid and we have apostolic succession, recognized by Rome as "irregular" and in communion with the Anglican Church in many places in the world.

We are progressive in our liturgy, inclusive in our welcome and affirming of all people.  We follow the Two Great Commandments and the teaching of Jesus and see the Bible as the inspired word of God, not a literal manual.

There will be training involved.  You will need to know about the Community Catholic Church and our praxis of ministry.  Depending on your experience and background, this can be a relatively short period or take a longer time of discernment.

There is an application process for which there is $100 fee.
If you are accepted,  there is a $850 Course fee, which includes Spiritual Direction.  Most sessions can take place on the phone or via Skype.

The ordination to the diaconate will be determined as the candidate's readiness for pastoral ministry is assessed. Ordination to the Priesthood will be determined upon further direction and discernment of spiritual growth.