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2020 is the year!

We are determined to help this website skyrocket in the search engines this year.  We want our officiants to appear high in the rankings, assuring that you get maximum exposure to couples.  

Our Fabulous Team

While everyone is a Pastoral Chaplain, the Team Awesome Wedding Pro group was formed to promote our members who wish to rise in the ranks as wedding officiants through google searches.  

We (+Deb and +Jean) are copy writers as part of our day jobs and so created this platform to help all prosper and do what they love.

We are happy to keep the website updated and fresh.  We are hoping you can assist us in a few ways.

1. Refer wedding vendors you know to us....

We ascribe to the idea that we all prosper together.  As we add in the names of vendors you know and trust who are excited to advertise on the site, couples are more likely to choose them because Team Awesome recommends them.  As people seek out vendors, they are likely to discover you and your services too.  Win-win!  Here is info on being a vendor you can share with people you think would be awesome for our couples.

2. Send us your bio, if it isn't there already.

See what the other descriptors say.  Compose a short listing about the kinds of weddings you do, what excites you about wedding work... that kind of thing, and your contact info.  Check them out here:  Send your bio sand contact to Deb at

3. Newbies offer $15 for taking part.

Jean and Deb pay for the webpage and domain name, and our time is offered with love.  We ask that new folks offer  a set-up fee of $15 to defray some of our expenses.  You can send $15 to or pay though paypal.

Set-up fee of $15

4. Participate in Team Awesome Events near you!

Throughout the year, opportunities come up to promote the team at various venues.  Stay tuned for ways in which to join in the fun!