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Diploma in Pastoral Ministry

The Call to Ordained Ministry:
The Road to the Diaconate


The call to a life of service in the name of Jesus is a most rewarding yet challenging path.  The Community Catholic Church of Canada is blessed to have a team of clergy who are caring, compassionate and deeply committed to being ambassadors of Christ's teachings and Good News in the world.


We offer a seven-month program through St Francis Seminary for those who feel called to ordained ministry, beginning with studies for the diaconate. This time of training and formation evaluates the candidate's readiness for ministry in our church. 

There are several interviews with the candidates' committee to determine suitability for possible ordination. (Acceptance into the program, a mid-way check-in, and a final interview to determine readiness for ordination).  If desired, deacons can go forward and study for the Priesthood.  Our minimum age requirement for those seeking holy orders is 25 years of age.  Ordination is separate from the course of study and not an automatic acceptance.


Please contact Archbishop Deborah at if you have questions or would like to register.

A light to the community, an agent of God's
love in the world: The Deacon

Diaconate graphica.jpg

Not every one feels called to serve at the Altar or lead a congregation.
Many of the "worker bees" of the Church are often found in the community, visiting the sick at home or in hospital, volunteering at the local nursing home and taking a turn at the food bank.  Everywhere they go, the world seems a little brighter and people are comforted by the Divine Grace they bring.

Those called to be ordained as a Deacon are agents of God's love in the world.  They roll up their sleeves and get the work done - reaching out to all and showing compassion and sensitivity to the lonely, the hopeless, the weak and those in need.  They are there to assist with grieving families officiating at funeral services.  They are there to celebrate love in all its fullness at weddings. 


They are there to welcome young and old alike into the Church through the waters of baptism or to stand with the family and offer thanks for the gift of a child in its naming.

Deacons also share in the pastoral ministry of the Church and in leading God's people in worship. They preach the word and bring the needs of the world before the Church in intercession. They assist in administering the sacraments and distribute communion and minister to the sick and housebound. 

This is a beautiful and intentional life of loving service, being a messenger of Christ's love and God's light everywhere.  Many people remain in the order of Deacon, others will be transitional deacons going on to priesthood.

As clergy in the Community Catholic Church of Canada, you are supported and affirmed every step of the way.

Please speak with Archbishop Deborah to receive your application packet and to discuss any questions you may have at  

Upon receipt of your application, a meeting with the Candidate's Committee will be arranged.





1. Resident of Ontario (People outside the province can take the course but will not be able to officiate at weddings)

2. Application  and subsequent interview with the Candidates' Committee

3. Documents: Baptism Certificate and Confirmation Certificate

4. Police Check (before ordination can take place)

5. Ability to travel to the Niagara region for Onsite sessions.

6. Agreement to become a member of the Community Catholic Church of Canada and adhere to its principles and regulations


Course Payment 

The cost of the Diploma in Ministry Program is $980 in total (or $140 per month)

Payment Options:
- Credit Card payment via Square
- e-transfer to the

Payment arrangements can be made. Please speak to Archbishop Deborah.

Pay Monthly via Paypal
includes $5 processing fee

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Pay the entire 980.00
via Paypal includes $60 processing fee

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