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Lay Pastoral Minister Program


Ordination as a Pastoral Chaplain

The CCCC has instituted a new Order for those Chaplains who feel a call to expanded pastoral ministries, but do not wish to enter into Holy Orders as deacon or priest.  The Order of Lay Pastoral Minister offers training and exploration on many levels of ministry so Chaplains can better serve their communities 

Fee Schedule

Lay Pastoral Ministers

  • become members of the Community Catholic Church

  • are authorized by the CCCC to perform weddings, funerals and baptisms.

  • will be commissioned in person or on Zoom, and receive a stole, pin and Diploma  upon successful completion

  • do not wear a collar but may wear a short stole and robe when performing  ceremonies

  • may be referred to as Pastor, Lay minister, or Chaplain

  • may not bless, but can invite God's blessing

The Diploma in Lay Pastoral Ministry 

Over the years, our Pastoral Chaplains have approached the College of Bishops, asking if it would be possible to enhance their role through further study and training.


We understand that not everyone feels the call to holy orders  so after much prayer and reflection, we are offering this 5-month course which covers many areas  including personal growth, spirituality and pastoral ministry. 


LPM students study with those training for the Diaconate, and have the option of continuing into the ordination stream after their 5-month program of study (after an interview with the candidates committee.)


Course topics include:

- an overview of the CCCC

- Spiritual Development
- communication skills and self-care

- the role of the funeral officiant

- introduction to sacraments
- baptism ministry training and preparation

The cost of the program is $850 or $170 per month.  At the conclusion of the program Chaplains and their loved ones will be invited to an onsite commissioning and will be sent a Diploma in Lay Pastoral Ministry, and a stole.  (Others at a distance will be commissioned in a Zoom ceremony)

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