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Order of Pastoral Chaplain

Spirituality, Charity, Wedding Ministry..... 


Kudos from recent trainees:

Oh my goodness!   There are no words to describe how I feel at this moment in time!  I am so overwhelmed with love that I am floating!
Thank you Deb from the bottom of our hearts for this day.   You are so wonderful.  We learned so much and we absolutely LOVED all the stories.

When does a person come down from this high???  I think NEVER!


At first I wasn't sure about doing this on Zoom.  I like being face to face.  It was actually awesome and knowing there are so many training opportunities onsite coming up. is exciting!


All you need to know to get started, explained in an upbeat and professional way.  LOVED the stories.

Next online Training Sessions:

Saturday March 23
9 a.m. till 2:30 p.m.

Saturday April 13
9 a.m. till 2:30 p.m.

What is a Pastoral Chaplain?

Since 2016, the Community Catholic Church has offered a special program of training for those who are helping in the community and interested in offering weddings, but do not want to become a Deacon or a Priest in the Church.


The Order of Pastoral Chaplain was instituted to honour this important ministry and work in the community.


Pastoral Chaplains are ordained to serve their communities in diverse ways. They support food and clothing drives, help in schools, work with the homeless, assist by volunteering at charitable organizations. They work on their spiritual life, within or outside of a denominational congregation. They officiate at weddings. 


The Pastoral Chaplaincy Program is offered through the Community Catholic Church of Canada, an inclusive, progressive church in the Anglican/Catholic tradition. We uphold the rights of all, offer wedding ceremonies for all couples legally able to marry in Ontario, including LGBTQIA+ couples. 


Our Chaplains go through an intensive training course with follow up sessions to ensure they understand the commitments they make to do charitable work, to develop their spirituality, and to offer couples meaningful and memorable ceremonies. They become members of the Pastoral Chaplain team.


Chaplains typically do such things as:

  • officiate at weddings 

  • work with the poor, homeless or hungry

  • visit the sick or are involving with a healing ministry

  • volunteer work at schools, hospitals, hospices, shelters, etc.

  • participate in or conduct prayer circles or Bible studies

  • help the poor or those in need

  • devote time to prayer or meditation

  • deepen their spirituality through reading and study. 

The Ideal Pastoral Chaplain Candidate

Selected candidates are in agreement with the values of the Community Catholic Church, whose mission is to promote Divine Love, compassion and care.  They are out in the world living their faith.  


They support the food bank, care for elderly, family and neighbours, and they volunteer for community events.  What sets them apart is the belief that we are all brothers and sisters together, united by a call to love one another and to care for the planet.  


Most particularly, they support the dignity, rights and beliefs of every person.  As wedding officiants, they perform ceremonies for all couples legally able to wed in the Province of Ontario. 


New- the Order of Lay Pastoral Minister
Following ordination, Chaplains may pursue further studies as Lay Pastoral Ministers.  More information can be found here. 

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The Process

  • Candidates must be residents of Ontario.

  • Candidates must be baptized (or willing to be baptized.)

  • Candidates must uphold the values and mission of the Community Catholic Church of Canada and agree to the canons and constitutions of the CCCC.

  • A police clearance must be obtained.

  • Fee payment must be made in full before the official paperwork is filed.

  • Candidates must complete an application form, which the committee will review. 

  • Selected candidates participate in an intensive training and preparation either through online sessions or onsite in Niagara.  This is followed by ongoing support to ensure competency and mastery of materials.  Groups are kept small to focus on individual attention. 

  • Following their successful  training, candidates receive a certificate of ordination and commissioning as Pastoral Chaplain in the CCCC  in designated pastoral charges. They will take part in online sessions as follow-up to their training day. They will be invited to take part in fellowship days, church events, and clergy community service activities.

Request an Application

Thanks for submitting!

Chaplain Responsibilities

Chaplains complete mandatory monthly reports outlining their monthly ministry (spiritual activities, charitable endeavors, wedding celebrations).


There is an annual membership fee of $300 (split into two payments) to remain in good standing.  Chaplains also agree to tithe to the church on every wedding that they perform.

Chaplains are part of a vibrant community on Facebook where questions are discussed, experiences are shared, and friends are made.


The cost of the program is $850, half of which may be paid as a deposit upon acceptance, with the other half paid before the training session. Three payments of $284 can be arranged.

Deposit payments can be in the form of electronic transfers or online via Paypal 


Fees must be paid in full and all other paperwork received before the official paperwork is filed.


Note that the fee covers initial training and materials.  Chaplains are not required to do a particular number of weddings each month or year, and the training instructors are available for ongoing consultation.

NOTE: There is a $300 annual fee  (Split into two payments) paid by all members of the CCCC. Chaplains tithe on every wedding and file monthly reports as part of their agreement.

Pay conveniently through Paypal

Deposit Payment
$425 + 3.5% processing fee 

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Balance Payment
$425 + 3.5% processing fee 

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Complete Payment
$850 + 3.5% processing fee 

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